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The recording side of things is similarly vast, so I’ve had to set some boundaries and make assumptions. I’ll focus on gigs in typical small-to-medium venues of the sort you’ll find in a city like London, simply because, firstly, larger venues already tend to have recording facilities, and the bands that play there will probably have their own, experienced engineers; secondly, large-venue and festival FOH sound generally requires everything to go through the PA, making it very different from the sort of venue in which you’re likely to start out your live-recording career, where the focus is more on ‘reinforcing’ the sound of the quieter instruments; and thirdly, such small and medium venues happen to be the sort I have most experience of. Sonic Sensations relies on the Boss BR-1600 for simple live performance recordings.

A lot of multitrack recorders bill themselves as “self-contained studios,” but we’ve yet to see one that comes with its own recording engineer packed in the box. So it goes without saying that a multitrack recorder should be easy to use. You’re a musician and songwriter who needs to make full-band demos, and you want to track your band as cleanly, quickly, and reliably as possible. The Boss BR-1600CD is a streamlined, high-quality digital multitrack recorder that knows what you want it to do, and helps you do exactly that, without a clunky interface or unnecessary features. It was designed to help you go from inspiration to a physical copy of your music on audio CD with your original inspiration intact. In short, it’s the perfect full-band demo machine.

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Full-Band Recording with 8 Mic Preamps

So what makes the perfect full-band demo machine? Firstly, you’re going to need enough inputs. Drums are the biggest input hog, usually requiring a minimum of three mics for proper tracking. The BR-1600CD offers 8 simultaneous channels of recording, so you’ll be able to get your drums down cleanly and still have plenty of channels to spare. On some digital multitrackers, most inputs are 1/4-inch jacks, with only a couple of XLR connections. But on the Boss unit, each input is an XLR-equipped mic preamp — so you can record 8 microphones without routing them through outboard mic preamps first, simplifying your setup. (And of course, every channel accepts a 1/4-inch line-level input as well.)The BOSS Guided Tour To Recording
With everything hooked up and mics placed, simply turn on your BR-1600CD and the unit will guide you through every step of the recording process. Assign your inputs to recording channels, hit record and start playing. It’s that easy. Once you’ve laid down your initial 8 tracks, you’ve still got an additional 8 channels on which to layer overdubs, or even bounce to free up more tracks for recording; the Boss BR-1600CD provides feedback and instruction via its brightly backlit LCD screen, making every function easy to understand and execute. With a hefty 40GB hard drive as its recording medium, the BR-1600CD not only handles 16 tracks of simultaneous audio, but it also allows for 16 virtual tracks per channel — so you can swap in alternate takes or do-overs without losing the original. Boss takes the stress out of the recording process, so you can focus on the performance and the song. Want more proof that the 1600 is easy to use? Boss’ TurboStart guide, which steps you through “naming your song” to “burning an Audio CD,” is exactly two pages long.

Streamlined, but Feature-Rich
While you want to get your songs down as soon as inspiration strikes, you still want your demos to sound as good as possible. That’s why the BR-1600CD records CD-quality digital audio at 44.1 kHz, 16-bit resolution. It’s also why this Boss multitracker comes with a suite of effects and digital processing tools for adding a bit of polish to your raw recordings — and if anyone knows digital effects, it’s Boss, makers of some of the most popular stompbox effects in the world. A dedicated Hi-Z input jack lets you record guitar and bass directly, and also lets you take advantage of Boss’s renowned COSM-powered amp and cabinet modeling. Even if you don’t have the most acoustically perfect space, your tracks will still sound studio huge — just another way the BR-1600 makes streamlines the tracking process. Don’t have your own band yet? No problem: the 1600 has a built-in drum machine and bass loops. There’s even vocal pitch correction, harmonizing effects, and easy-to-understand mastering effects to make your finished product sound its best, with minimal hassle. When you’re happy with the sound, just use the recorder’s built-in CD burner to make an audio CD of your music that will play in any CD player. It’s still the most convenient and universal medium for distributing your music to family, fans, and booking agents.

Your demo is a very special recording. Fewer folks may hear it, but in many ways it’s an even more important document of your band than a publicly released album. Track them with a recorder that was specifically designed to make the highest-quality demos, with the least amount of effort: the Boss BR-1600CD.

Sonic Sensations also possesses a Behringer Eurodesk 32 channel sound board, with Sonar X1 Producer Software and a Studio VS-100 for more intense and editable features!*

Essential tools for music production in one affordable package

Cakewalk V-STUDIO 100 is the portable music production studio that lets you create, record, produce, and perform music with or without a computer. It elegantly combines the most essential tools needed by today’s modern music producers and performing musicians in a compact and affordable package. Take control of your music production using the V-STUDIO 100 as a high-quality audio and MIDI interface and DAW controller. Connect to a Mac or Windows and use your favorite software such as SONAR, Logic, Live, Cubase, or the included SONAR VS digital audio workstation (Windows Only). You can also record directly to V-STUDIO 100`s SD-card wherever or whenever inspiration strikes–without the need to boot up your computer. Take the V-STUDIO 100 to your live gigs and use its digital mixer, reverb, compression, and EQ to mix vocals and other instruments.

  • High Speed USB 2.0 Audio Interface
  • Universal DAW Controller
  • Personal Digital Mixer
  • SD WAV Recorder
  • VS Production Pack suite of virtual instruments and effects (Mac/Win)
  • SONAR VS digital audio workstation (Win)

Cakewalk SONAR X1 Studio DAW gives you a whole new way to produce, record, and create original music. Far more than a mere upgrade from version 8.x, Cakewalk SONAR X1 is a complete redesign of the entire SONAR environment, designed to speed up your workflow and keep you locked in your creative zone. With SONAR X1 Studio, you have everything you need to go from a clean slate to broadcast-ready music and cinematic soundscapes. The overarching concept behind the SONAR X1 environment is the new Skylight user interface environment.

Skylight combines the flexibility responsible for making SONAR one of the most popular DAWs with a MultiDock toolbar that keeps all of SONAR X1’s modules right at your fingertips. Instantly call up the track view for recording or the MIDI editor for sequencing, then switch to the Matrix and lay down a pattern – all without surfing through complicated menus. There’s no complicated setup to deal with, clunky user interface to master, or anything else to get between you and your music. Screensets let you instantly jump from one purpose-ready layout to another. Track in one layout, switch Screensets to lay down a MIDI-based synth part, and then switch Screensets again to go back for overdubs. It’s that easy.

SONAR X1’s new smart tools also ensure that your creative flow is never broken, allowing you to edit both audio and MIDI with a single tool. The Inspector module gives you complete drag-and-drop simplicity, allowing you to easily add drum patterns, instrument riffs, virtual instruments, FX chains, multitrack templates, and more to your session – all from a single consolidated browser window.

SONAR X1 Producer: Cakewalk Production Software & DAW 2.0 Has Arrived
SONAR X1 Producer has everything needed to deliver the polished, “radio-ready” recordings that are expected in today’s music industry – all in one box. Included are all of SONAR’s cutting edge music creation tools plus an unparalleled collection of world-class instruments and effects. From the innovative Skylight interface to the legendary, “big-studio” sound of the ProChannel console strip, SONAR X1 Producer is the ideal choice for anyone serious about music production.

SONAR has been one of the most popular DAW’s on the market for nearly a decade now. And we’ve learned a lot along the way. But things have changed over the past ten years, so we felt it was time to take our more than 20 years experience in creating music software, combine it with cutting edge music creation tools, and wrap it in a totally modern design.

  • Unlimited Audio and MIDI Tracks
  • 64-bit and Windows 7 Ready
  • ProChannel
  • Session Drummer 3
  • Dimension Pro
  • Mastering Effects
  • Channel Strip Effects
  • TruePianos Amber
  • Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 LE
  • PLUS: Everything in SONAR X1 Essential and Studio to every channel.

*Sonic Sensations has full studio quality microphones and cables both wired and wireless, including cables, hardware, sound and Amps for any band’s needs, just inquire*

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    Our guests had a great time and the flow of the wedding was seamless. We also loved the lighting, both on and off the cake! Thank you so much for being a part of our big day! We really appreciate it.

    - Honey & Hao
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    The day truly exceeded our expectations, we can’t stop smiling! You kept the dance floor going all night! Our funniest stories are all from the dance floor, which was so much fun!

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  • You would not go wrong by hiring Dean!

    Dean was very professional to deal with. Kept our wedding on time. Kept our guest well entertained. Kept a good eye on what kind of music kept our quest dancing. Pricing was excellent. Lighting was excellent. Could not say enough good things about his services.

    - Barbara Kaye
  • Thank you...for making our wedding day a great success!

    Our families and friends danced all night long and everyone told us that they had a great time. Thanks for playing their requests and for helping us party all night long! Kudos to you!

    - Azniv & Marco Jorg
  • I would recommend Dean if you're looking for an amazing DJ!

    I couldn’t be happier with the services he provided and peace of mind given for my special day. He made sure the whole day flowed perfectly and was willing to go the extra mile in announcing important messages throughout the ceremony and reception.

    - Kristin Wright

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